‘Every machine has its history. Every owner has a story’

Mirjam van Kerkwijk, born in 1979, the Netherlands. Pleased to meet you!

In short: I’m an independent writer with a great love for synths; the Fairlight in particular. It has a unique place in music history. There’s a lot of technical information available, but what about personal experiences? Stories about the love for this illustrious musical computer? I decided to go out and collect them.

I must have been about five years old when I started listening to the radio. MirjamAnd that’s were the madness began. I have vivid memories of hearing certain songs for the first time. Like Paranoimia by The Art Of Noise. Boy, did I wanted to know how they made those sounds! And Crocket’s Theme by Jan Hammer. I just loved that warm, string sound at the beginning, and the melody…  My childhood fantasy? Me, on stage, surrounded by keyboards.

The love for music machinery never left me. I took in every bit of information I could find. Mentions of using “A Fairlight C.M.I” on album sleeves intrigued me: ‘Hm… What’s so special about this… Fairlight-thing?’ Well, it took me a quite a few years of scouring the internet before I finally found out…

Mirjam, touching a very famous keyboard...
“Whooahh… I touched it!” Taken at the Synthesized-event, juni 2018, Cambridge, Centre for Computing History

This idea of collecting stories from Fairlight-users arose during a sleepless night, browsing through my favourite music. Unlike so many other ideas before, this one didn’t vanish. I just couldn’t turn it loose. So I decided: ok, let’s do this! I was thrilled with the positive responses I got, and although I had to overcome some shyness, I enjoyed every bit of the Fairlight-talks! And I still do. It’s such a great experience, speaking with all these talented and lovely people.

We are having a 40-year anniversary on our hands: in 1979, the first few Fairlights were sold to some great musicians like Stevie Wonder and Peter Gabriel. Reason enough to celebrate, by sharing these wonderful, conveying some music history.


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Special thanks to:

Rob Puricelli and Peter Wielk for sharing their knowledge and providing me with a bunch of amazing Fairlight pics, Kees Jan Sloff a.k.a. Robotnik for designing the artwork (header/logo). Also, thanks to Ferdinand Buitenhuis, Martijn van Spijker, Sylvia Harms, Jody van Kerkwijk for their loving support.